TeqTouch Brings You UTouch Protection Against Germs on Public Touchscreens Now $9.95

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Individualize Interaction

John using his UTouch on his work issued IPad

UTouch gives you an opportunity to individualize your touch screen experience with each device.

Touch with Confidence

Brie using here UTouch on her IPad

Latent germs left behind on public touchscreens are no longer a threat. UTouch allows the user to "Touch with Confidence." Perfect for germophobes and everyone!

UTouch is Yours

Megan using her UTouch on her phone at work.

UTouch is your wearable personal stylus. UTouch is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing protective technology.

UTouch by TeqTouch: Shoppers

Shoppers using UTouch to protect themselves from germs that are present on all public touchscreens. 

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